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All About the Tribe House

The Tribe House is a place where people can retreat from the world in order to re-charge themselves physically, mentally, and spiritually. Tribe lifestyle is geared towards practices that accelerate the evolution of consciousness. Our main offerings include yoga, meditation, spiritual guidance, and homeschool lessons for children. We also love to work with the divine community to offer a variety of perspectives on self-liberation.


Yoga & Meditation

Where ones attention goes, the energy follows. In worldly life, ones attention is constantly directed outside of the body - chasing desire after desire - causing ones energy to be drained. Yoga and meditation are practices designed to direct the attention within the body, causing an abundance of energy. An abundance of energy may be used to advance one to the ultimate state of bliss, or divine awakening. 

Yoga means union with divine. There are many forms and names for yoga in all parts of the world. Our intention is to identify, practice, and share what works for self. 

A Mental Diet

Imagination creates reality. Look around and see for yourself. The clothes we wear, our phones, the houses we live in, cars, planes, businesses, the Internet, and everything else created was first imagined. The imagination is like our personal genie that summons everything we focus on to reality. What would you like to summon to reality? Is your answer different from what you’re focusing your imagination on the most today? If we are not aware, we can enter a pattern of imagining things we do not want to feel or create, unconsciously summoning chaos. Begin to observe where your imagination goes each day. A mental diet is the practice of controlling the topics our imagination dwells on. As we gain control of the imagination our creative energy is enhanced. Check out the reading below.

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