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Shiva Shakti Shelter

All is within, never without

Holisitc wellness center

What is the
Shiva Shakti Shelter?

Shiva Shakti Shelter is a wellness center for individuals looking to self-reflect, re-charge, and re-align with vision. Our primary offerings are focused around proper exercise, proper diet, proper relaxation, proper breathing, and positive thinking.


Why Yoga?

Where our attention goes our energy goes. In worldly life, our attention is constantly pulled outside of us. This causes energy to flow out of us. Yoga is designed to focus the attention inside of self, causing energization.


Many assume yoga postures are all about stretching or physical fitness, but it's far beyond that. Yoga relieves physical and mental baggage, freeing us to be present in life. Properly practiced, yoga  unties us with the source of all energy.  This sacred science has been passed on by Sages and Saints who have reached the state of infinite bliss, known in yoga as Samadhi.

Expanding love is also the purpose of yoga. Perfect yoga evolves human love to divine love. It all begins by loving where we are and letting go of the desire for results. Lets practice together. 

Private classes are great for reaching personal goals. 

Private group classes are great for friendly gatherings and office retreats. Sessions are available virtually online or in-person.

Bed & Breakfast

Retreat from the world to energize the self. We love to host guests at our home. We have 4 private rooms available. Our home features daily yoga classes and a private chef.


Rent our space

One of our favorite things to do is help bring a vision from imagination into reality. We do this by sharing our space with others on the self-realization journey. In the past, we have hosted yoga retreats, cooking demonstrations, plant medicine ceremonies, kids classes, workshops, sleepovers, and much more. Lets manifest together. Fill out the application below and we will respond within 1-3 days.

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Boston Edison Historic District Detroit, MI 48202


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